Vicky hit by Salman’s bodyguards, because of Katrina?

Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal was disgraced while shaking hands with his wife’s ex-boyfriend Salman Khan.

According to NDTV, the face-off between Vicky and Salman was brought to light by a video that went viral on social media. Where Vicky has to be crushed by Salman Khan’s bodyguards.

Apart from the video going viral, many people have raised questions on social media, is Salman’s behavior like this because of Katrina Kaif’s husband.

Salman hugged Vicky on the second day of the event after the video of the shock went viral in an event abroad. The video of the two actors hugging is also being discussed.

The first incident happened during the press conference of the ‘IIFA 2023’ awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi.

In the video, Kaushal was seen standing on one side of the red carpet taking pictures with fans. At that time, Salman Khan was surrounded by security guards from the opposite side. Bhaijaan’s bodyguards then pushed Kaushal away from the road.

After that, Kaushal proceeded to shake hands with Salman. But far from shaking hands, Salman continued to move forward with a long cold look at Vicky. Vicky stood up embarrassed with outstretched hands.

Salman Khan was moving forward with security guards on the second day as well. Salman is seen moving forward on his own after seeing Kaushal on the red carpet that day. Salman approached and hugged Katrina’s husband. Salman’s bodyguard Sherao shook hands with Vicky.

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