Aguero told the story of the beginning of friendship with Messi

Aguero went to Messi to satisfy his curiosity and asked his name. But he did not understand even after hearing the answer, this Leo Messi is the boy who is discussed in Barcelona.

“It was poking me around. But it never occurred to me that this boy was from Barcelona. I was curious and couldn’t help myself. I asked, ‘What’s your name?’ replied, ‘Leo.’ I asked again, ‘What is your last name?’ He said, ‘Messi.’ I had no idea who he was. So I asked him his last name again, in case I heard it wrong! He said again, ‘Messi.’ But it didn’t seem like anything to me.”

“Then Garay and Formica started laughing out loud. Pointing to Messi and making fun of my stupidity, ‘You don’t know who he is?’ Then it occurred to me! That boy from Barcelona is this Messi! Then we all started laughing, including Messi. We have laughed about it several times since then.”

Aguero became one of the few people who knew Messi the closest, even though he did not recognize him on the first day. The two were roommates in the national team for a long time. Their smiling pictures are often seen on social media.

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