A day of celebration for Jahangir-supporters around Zayda’s house

Former mayor Jahangir Alam also said that he wants to beautify Gazipur by being a ‘shadow companion’ next to his mother. Said, “People have given verdict in our favor. I will assist mother in doing the work that was left to me.”

Since morning, the leaders and activists from different parts of the city came to the house of Zayda Khatun in Chaikdana (Malek’s house) area of ​​the city with small processions. At this time, they danced and sang there to express their joy. Supporters smile at each other.

They greeted Zayda Khatun with flowers and also congratulated Jahangir. This trend continued for almost the whole day as the activists came and went. But nothing of the kind meant by the victory march happened. The supporters said that they did not take any such initiative due to the ban of the Election Commission.

The supporters who came there said that since the beginning of the voting, they had a hope of winning but there was also fear and tension. But they are happy to finally win.

Many commented that the people of Gazipur got good votes. They hope the city residents will get better service from the new mayor.

Many complain that the journey of this city started in 2010 but the city is still not ready. They hope the new mayor will begin that work.

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