After Gazipur, the battle for votes is now in Khulna and Barisal

Symbols were allotted to them at the regional election officer’s office in the city’s Natullabad on Friday. Then they started the official campaign.

After getting the symbol, Serniabat, a boatman, said, “Gazipur election will not have any effect on Barisal. People of Barisal know me as an honest and good person. The townspeople have faith in me.

“I will open up the city corporation if elected. All people will walk there. I want to build this city by consulting with everyone.

Iqbal Hossain Tapos of Langlar said, “48.5 percent votes have been cast in Gazipur. I hope Barisal will read more. People will spontaneously come to vote.”

Kamrul Ahsan of Table Clock said, “My late father Ahsan Habib Kamal chose the clock symbol. To match that, I wanted a table clock as a symbol. I expect victory.”

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