Abandoned Parikora zamindar house

Later, 45-year-old Bhaskar Das said about the Yogesh Chandra Roy Memorial Trust, “I heard from my father that the entire property of Zamindar Yogesh Chandra Roy, including his house, will be given to his successors, the late Smt. Parul Kusum Roy, Babu Vishwaswer Dasgupta, Dr. Yogesh Chandra Roy Memorial Trust was established about 29 years ago with the active patronage of the then Member of Parliament Mr. Aktaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu at the request of village dignitaries including Gurupada Chakrabatty, Ahmad Mia, late Shamsul Islam, Pranab Das, late Principal Hossain Khan, Advocate Jitendralal Dutta. “

He said, “Some local residents used to say that the successor of the zamindar is a microbiological scientist living in America. Dr. Animesh Roy formed the Yogesh Chandra Roy Memorial Trust in 1988 with a few other eminent persons.

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