The new president’s house is surrounded by security

Inspector Mostafizur Rahman of the police protection department assigned to the security of that house in Gulshan told on Sunday afternoon that he is not being given the opportunity to meet the new president due to security needs.

“Some people have come and visited since morning, journalists have also come but no permission is being given to meet them. Banned from within.”

According to the information given by him, the new president is in this residence of Swastrik Gulshan. He did not come out until Sunday afternoon.

The new president offered prayers at the Gulshan Azad Mosque near his residence on Eid on Saturday. After the prayer, many exchanged hugs and kisses with him. However, the members of security who were on the side were in pursuit.

Later he exchanged greetings with relatives at his home but it was very limited, only a handful of people. It closes the next day, Sunday.

Rabiul Islam, the security guard of that house, told that the new president went out around 12 noon amid tight security.

“I cannot tell you where you have gone or when you will return.”

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