‘What does he actually does all day?’

Experts have just accused Prince Harry of ‘entirely lacking purpose’, especially when “he does nothing all day.”

Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser issued these warnings and claims.

According to she claimed, “There is Harry, a man who seems to entirely lack purpose. Of course he still has his signature cause, the Invictus Games, chugging along successfully and his daily bread-and-butter of talking about mental health to anyone who will listen, but what do you think he actually does all day?”

“He now seems like a lost soul, having lost his family, his homeland, his UK home and the very job he was born to do. Meghan might be able to pivot career-wise but what the hell can or will Aitch do with the decades and decades that lie ahead?”

“The duke – like his great, great uncle Edward VIII – now faces being stuck at a lifelong loose end.”