Marries Aarav in the ‘world of crime’ after coming to study in medicine.

The unmarried Mamun lived with his elder brother Jahangir in his Sabuj Bagh residence. Mamun had a penchant for acting since his youth. He has also acted in a few dramas on television.

According to the complaint, police officer Mamun met and became friends with diploma engineer Rahmat Ullah on the basis of acting in a crime fiction on television. In the source of the drama, they meet a girl who is a member of Rabiul’s circle.

The girl told Rabiul’s wife Kaya that it is possible to collect big money by trapping Rahmat Ullah. The tableau of the birthday drama is made accordingly. On the evening of July 8, 2018, Rahmat Ullah was invited to the girl’s ‘birthday function’ at a house in Banani.

On receiving the invitation, Rahmat Ullah requested his friend Mamun to accompany him. When they reached the house, the girl came out with two women. Introducing one of them as sister and the other as sister-in-law, Rahmat and Mamun were taken inside the house.

The complaint says, “They (Rahmat Ullah and Mamun) went home and saw that there was no birthday party. Rahmat Ullah then asked the girl, ‘Is it your birthday party, but I don’t see anything.’ Rabiul’s wife Kaya then said, ‘Our party is like this every day. See you later’.”

After Kaya leaves the room, Swapan, Didar, Atiq and Mizan enter the room. The implementation of the plan begins.

“They say to Mamun and Rahmat, ‘You have come here with evil intentions.’ When Mamun protested, the four immediately started beating him. One of the accused said, ‘Tie their hands and feet. Money will be collected by taking pictures with girls.’ Swapan, Atiq and Didar then hold down Mamun and tie his hands and feet.

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