Now Bengali cinema is on the strength of publicity: Rishabh Bose

Starting with ‘Srikanth’, followed by ‘Bhatavti’, ‘Mahabharat Murders’, ‘Turu Love’, Telugu movie ‘Oriya’, now busy with Bengali Sherlock role in ‘Sarlaksh Home’.

Byomkesh, in response to the question, how much will the audience accept Sherlock, who suddenly became a face in Feluda market, he said that detective characters are a bit serious in Bengal at the moment. They are solving the mystery by wrapping a sheet over their body and smoking a cigarette.

“I hear in some movies, the audience solves the case in advance, the detective does it two hours later. Sherlock is very different from that. Offbeat, Moody. I had fun doing that.”

“Feluda, movies with Byomkesh continue to be hits. Sherlock’s danger is that he is British, not Bengali. Although it has global appeal. We have tried to go beyond the detective character in Bengal. It has a lot of fight sequences. Which is not very common in Bengali detective stories.”

In response to the question about what is happening in the mind, the actor said, “I will read if I fall in love. There is a magic in it. I don’t think about divorce. Every love is a different experience, I want to carry that experience for the rest of my life. But I don’t want to get stuck in the world.”

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