Me and Shakib should be given medals: Hero Alam

In his words, “The police were wrong. Why didn’t they tell me if they knew the matter?

And about the possibility of police questioning, he said, “The police can do questioning.” If they can prove that we went even after being informed, whoever will be punished will get the head.”

of Arav Jewellers Hero Alam also said that every artist who went to the opening ceremony was given an honorarium after all expenses including air fare.

However, Aarav Khan claimed in a video that none of those who went to Dubai for the launch of his store were paid.

Claiming that as ‘false’, Hero Alam said, “He is not our relative. Why do we go to his ceremony? Apart from all the expenses including our air fare, the artistes have been honored.”

Hero Alam said that he will distribute clothes and clothes among the poor during Ramadan with the money of this honor.

He said, this time he is bringing ghazals in Ramadan. He also shot that song in Dubai. He has five films awaiting release. An announcement of release can come at any time.

Hero Alam will also take part in the upcoming National Assembly elections. He also said that there is a plan to form a team in the future.

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