Hriday, who was tricked into quitting cricket, is now a record-breaking hero

“I wanted the intent to be right from the start. Never thought it wasn’t set a bit or anything like that. Tried to play every ball according to the standard of the ball. It’s good to play with Shakib bhai because he is very experienced. I was learning a lot while batting with Shakib Bhai. He was also saying that it would be better to do it this way. Enjoyed it a lot.”

“When I felt I needed to know something, I asked what brother would do better. Shakib Bhai said, ‘I can do it that way.’ Also always saying, ‘Well done, hold on. Extend the innings as long as possible.”

He was able to make it tall. Abhishek surpassed everyone in the history of the country. However, he could not step on the boundary of the century. He also said that he has no regrets about it. One-day debut will not come, but the chance of a century will come!

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