Jamal-Tapud practice in a lively mood in Sylhet

The team is not taking the upcoming two matches lightly, even though the first day of practice in a city of twenty-two leaves is in a lively mood. Veteran defender Tapu Burman said the series against Seychelles is very important for them.

“Yesterday we came to Sylhet after a long journey. I rested this morning and practiced in the afternoon. Did passing drill with recovery. The players are healthy and well. The practice we have had in Saudi Arabia, I think it has been very positive for us and we are looking forward to the matches on the 25th and 28th.”

“We all know, these two matches are very important for us. The team work we did in Saudi, I think we can use that. We played two warm-up matches there, drew, so our preparation went well. We will try to perform well in the next two matches as well.”

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