There will be no ‘waterlogging’ in Chittagong from next season: Information Minister

Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said that about 100 billion dollars will be allocated to solve Chittagong’s flooding, and this crisis will be over in the next season.

He said this at the inauguration ceremony of the road-construction project including RCC drain at West Baklia Seasonal Residential No. 17 in the city on Saturday afternoon.

Urging everyone to make a concerted effort to alleviate waterlogging, the minister said, “Prime Minister Bangabandhu’s daughter Jannetri Sheikh Hasina has allocated an equivalent amount of 1.2 billion dollars to alleviate waterlogging in Chittagong city.

“So much allocation was not given even for Dhaka city. The work of this project is going on, hopefully next season there will be no waterlogging like before.”

He said, “There are one and a half million people in Chittagong city. If we, a quarter of a million people, do garbage together, it will never be possible for the four thousand workers of the City Corporation to keep it clean.

“So our citizens also have a responsibility to keep the roads and drains clean. After draining, if we throw polythene and household waste in that drain, then that drain is never functional. It is happening everywhere in Chittagong and Dhaka cities.”

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