Magura tunnels, concrete floors broken, jewelry shop stolen

Later, when he opened the shop around 9pm on Friday night to see if everything was fine, he found everything in disarray, packets of gold ornaments, cartoons scattered around. Then they quickly informed the police, said Bimal Biswas.

He claimed that 50 bars of gold were missing from his shop. The price of which is more than fifty lakh rupees.

Biltu Dutta, the owner of the nearby Binodpur Jewellers, said that he also closed the shop on Thursday night and went home. He does not understand how this happened.

OC Jabbarul said, it is believed that a group of thieves dug a tunnel from Thursday night to Friday on the occasion of shop closure and organized theft. An investigation is underway to determine the amount of gold ornaments that have gone missing.

“The theft by digging tunnels in the city is novel. The police are also investigating this incident. The police have collected CCTV footage of the shop and its surroundings.”

OC Jabbarul also said that the police have arrested 2 suspects in this incident.

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