Birthday of the greatest Bengali who opened the door of modernity

He introduced child and women friendly policy from the beginning. He is also the shaper of the modern taste of Bengali, be it in clothes, behavior, arguments, music, food and other aspects of life.

At this stage, I will tell a story and then highlight the speech given by Mashura Hossain and conclude the article.

In 1925, Irish playwright Bernard Shaw was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. He crouched down, not taking the prize. Which is a big blow to Sweden’s aristocracy. Eventually the country resorted to diplomatic efforts to persuade him. He agreed to take the prize on a few conditions. These included a foundation with a portion of the prize money, through which Swedish literature would be translated into English, and another foundation through which the Irish would be taught manners.

Bangabandhu was the foundation of the modern taste of Bengali behavior. Bengalis will find all the doors of modernity open and reach the pilgrimage if they follow the path shown by the father of the nation.

Let’s talk about Mashura Hossain’s speech. He spoke many unknown and significant things about Bangabandhu’s family. Which cannot be found in any book-book, document-document. I conclude by mentioning an incident surrounding Sheikh Kamal.

Once when he was a student of Dhaka University, Sheikh Kamal, Mashura Hossain and many others went to Madhupur for a banquet from the university. Bangladesh is independent, Bangabandhu is the father of the nation and the prime minister of the country. His son is at the banquet. In the end there was a shortage of food. Everyone got food except the cooks and Sheikh Kamal. Mashura Hossain noticed. He did not eat a piece of meat from his food, wrapped it in paper and put it in a bowl. From Madhupur, the car left for Dhaka. On the way, Mashura Hossain took the piece of meat to Sheikh Kamal for food, saying, ‘Kamal brother, you haven’t eaten anything, eat this to satisfy your hunger.’ Sheikh Kamal’s reply, ‘I can’t eat anything leaving the cooks hungry, I won’t eat.’

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