Seeing Tamim-Mushfique, that Shaheen’s dream came true

At one point, Tamim asks Shaheen if he needs anything. Shaheen replied, “Nice to meet you.” However, at a point of repeated questioning, the subject of the report came up again, where Shaheen said, “Having a motorized wheelchair would have made life a little easier.”

“We will arrange a motorized wheel chair for you,” Tamim and Mushfiq said in unison.

About a quarter of an hour passed like this. Tamim-Mushfiqra bid farewell. Shaheen had another unimaginable experience after leaving the hotel lobby. He is the center of attention of TV cameras and microphones! Talk about your feelings in front of them.

After finishing that episode, even after going out through the gate of the hotel, Shaheen did not feel dizzy.

“When I came, fear was working, I will really see Tamim brother! But met with how many people. They are bigger people than players. He gave so much respect to a man like me. Thanks to bdnews for arranging this. I have never had such a happy event in my life.”

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