Sylhet’s ‘Lalmatia Slaughterhouse’ still unguarded

Even after 52 years of independence, Sylhet’s Lalmatia slaughterhouse remains unguarded; Freedom fighters call it the biggest massacre place in the district.

During the nine months of the liberation war, there was a Pakistani army camp at Lalmatia in South Surma upazila of Sylhet.

Where every day the Pakistani invading forces captured Bengali freedom fighters from different places and tortured and killed them. Later, pits were dug and dead and shot dead people were buried.

But even in 52 years of independence, this slaughter ground has not been preserved and the list of martyrs buried here has not been recorded.

An official of the Sylhet Public Works Department claims that the conservation work of the slaughterhouse has been stalled for three years due to complications related to land acquisition.

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