An ‘international’ cricket stadium is dying near Dhaka

BCB media and communication committee head Tanveer Ahmed told that they have nothing to do with Fatullah’s stadium. The National Sports Council must take initiative to save the field.

“All the grounds are actually owned by the National Sports Council. We are not allowed to do anything here on behalf of BCB. Everything is done from the Sports Council. Sometimes we do a lot of things on our own initiative due to the slowness of the sports council. As we are often required at the national level, we do.

“It is now a matter of rebuilding everything at the Fatulla field. According to the instructions given by BUET, this field should be raised by 6 feet. Because everything around is high. Roads, various factories in the vicinity, many new buildings have also been built. All are high off the field. Now if you drop 6 feet of soil, a part of the gallery will go down again. It has to be raised again. That is, everything has to be planned anew.”

Stating that the National Sports Council is already working on it, he said, “As far as I know, after this plan was raised in Ekneke, it was also passed.” Not only Fatullah, but also about Sheikh Abu Nasser Stadium in Khulna has been passed. Now National Sports Council is working on making DPP. Once it is ready, they will go for tender in the next financial year.

“If the Sports Council tenders, the contractors who get the job will complete the work. Then when the ground is handed over to us, we will work on the facilities that are needed and done for an international venue.”

When asked about the conflict between BCB and NSC, Tanveer Ahmed said, “The matter is not really like that. BCB has no conflict with Sports Council. As the stadium is inside DND and the area is low. So water accumulates here. Water accumulates not only in the stadium, but also in the surrounding areas. There is no way to remove the water even if there are many high buildings around.

“Now the prime minister is working with the army. Considering the overall condition of DND, it is very likely that a project worth Rs. Which could end next year. Once this is done, there will be no more water logging in DND.”

He said, “Even if the Sports Council thinks that it is okay that we have maintained the field properly. But then where will the water move? That is why the work of DND is important. Besides, the entire area of ​​the field will have to be raised because of the elevation. In that case, it is a government job. The government will fund it.It will go through several steps and then it will be tendered.

“Now that there’s a global recession going on. With that in mind, the government or the national sports council will do it to us, the sooner we can get back into the game.”

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