Iveer calls to stop ‘dirty politics’ in Narayanganj

Narayanganj City Mayor Selina Hyatt Ivy has called for an end to ‘dirty politics’.

He demanded justice from the government for the murder of talented teenager Tanveer Muhammad Takki.

On Friday afternoon, he spoke at the opening ceremony of a picture exhibition organized on the occasion of 10 years of Tukki killings and impunity.

In memory of Tukki, a week-long exhibition titled ‘Chitrapatte Tukki’ has been organized at the city’s Ali Ahmed Chunka Nagar Library and Auditorium with paintings by 47 eminent artists of the country.

Mayor Ivy said, “Bangladesh was acquired in exchange of many lives, in exchange of blood. We do not want our children to be killed in this country. Many things happen in a country. Crime sometimes increases, sometimes decreases. It is the responsibility of the government to suppress crime and provide relief to the common people.”

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