In Narayanganj, 6 people including Pizza Shamim were arrested in the case of land grabbing

He said, “The incident happened in a land dispute In this case, six people have been arrested and sent to the court in the case filed by the victim’s family Efforts are on to arrest the other accused in the case.”

According to the statement of the case, there is a dispute between Ali Haider Shamim, Noor Mohammad and Raihan Jada Rabi over 66 percent ancestral land in Farazikanda area of ​​Bandar Upazila. The elder brother of the plaintiff, Moinul Haque Parvez, has filed a petition case in the court

It is alleged that Ali Haider Shamim went to the plaintiff’s house with his Honda Bahini at 1 am on March 15. the next day [১৬ মার্চ] At around 11:30 am, the accused came to occupy the land with firearms and sharp weapons After calling 999, the accused went to the spot and attacked

Moinul Haque Parvez, the elder brother of plaintiff Tanveer, was shot dead in the attack His sister Abida Sultana Soma and some others were injured

On March 16, around 1:15 a.m., an incident like firing occurred in the Farazikanda area of ​​Bandar Upazila in a dispute over a piece of land next to the third Shitalakshya Bridge. In this incident, 4 people were injured including one shot in the leg

In the details of the incident, locals and victims alleged that 40-50 people led by Ali Haider Shamim alias Pizza Shamim took part in the attack. They fired at least 15-20 rounds.

After the shooting incident, locals set fire to 2 motorcycles. Locals said the motorcycles belonged to the attackers.

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