AI-generated images are therefore not copyrightable in the United States

When it comes to works that have AI-generated elements, USC also examines whether the AI ​​model’s contribution to those works is the result of ‘mechanical reproduction’ (ie, created in response to text prompts) or whether they represent the author’s ‘own mental idea’. Technology site Engadget wrote in the report.

Existing policies state that the USCO ‘will not register works that are randomly or automatically created by machines or such mechanical processes without the “creative input or intervention” of a human author.’

However, Office also leaves the door open to providing copyright protection to various elements created by AI.

“The answer will depend on the situation. In particular, how the AI ​​tool is managed and how it is used to create the final work.”

“It will actually be a different investigation for each case. If the creativity of a job is done by machines, then the job lacks human creativity. And that office will not register.”

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