Boat candidate Liton won by a margin of 93 votes in Laxmipur’s Char Algi

The former chairman of that union Liton got 3 thousand 705 votes for the boat symbol. His closest rival is the rebel candidate of Awami League. Karimul Mawla Saheed Ali Manu got 3 thousand 622 votes in pineapple symbol.

The returning officer also said that three more candidates contested for the post of chairman in this union. Among them motorcycle symbols. Delwar Hossain got 2 thousand 140 votes and the symbol of glasses. Nurul Islam got 1 thousand 343 votes. Another independent candidate Nadia Sultana got 282 votes in Milli Table fan symbol.

Prior to this, polling for this election was held continuously from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on Thursday.

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