New organization led by Farhad Mazhar, wants ‘new constitution’

A newly formed organization called ‘Jatiya Insaf Kayem Committee’, convened by writer Farhad Mazhar, has demanded the formation of an interim national government and the formulation of a new constitution and national elections under it.

This demand was made in a proposal of the committee at a dinner in honor of eminent persons at the Sheraton Hotel in Dhaka’s Banani on Thursday.

Jatiya Insaf Qayyem Committee (National Committee for Civil Rights), a new organization on civil rights, is the member secretary of journalist Shaukat Mahmood, who holds the post of vice chairman in BNP.

In the evening before this dinner, the member secretary of the organization presented this proposal.

He claimed, “The interim national government has to formulate a new constitution and hold national elections under it.”

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