Digital entrepreneurs received over Rs 8 crore investment

ICT State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak handed over investment checks to the entrepreneurs as the chief guest at the event. Robi Chief Commercial Officer Shihab Ahmed, Reddit Digital CEO Hasib Mustabsir, R-Ventures 3.0 officials, investors and media persons were also present at the event.

On the occasion, Junaid Ahmed Palak said, “Congratulations to all the start-ups who got investment today and those who didn’t through the final of R-Ventures 3.0. The role of entrepreneurs like you is incomparable to build a smart Bangladesh in the future. With your innovative ideas, Bangladesh will lead the world in the future. As Robi was like a friend in our journey to build a digital Bangladesh, I hope they will be by our side in the same way in building a smart Bangladesh.”

Meanwhile, among the top 11 teams that made it to the final round, Robi, SBK Tech Ventures and Startup Bangladesh Limited from e-commerce and retail to Digi Shop Ltd. received Rs. 2 crore from SBK Tech Ventures and Robi, 1 crore from legal tech to SBK Tech Ventures and Kaniz Almas Khan from Ukil.

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