‘Measure of not protesting when skins are killed’

“A teacher who takes a job with money cannot teach values ​​to the student. Because he has to earn and repay the debt.”

Commenting that a culture of money and muscle has been created instead of values, he further said that muscle power is being bought with money. So much money around. But most of the people do not get the whereabouts of that money. On one side, a group of finger blossoming banana trees. On the other hand, many are deprived of basic needs.

Takki’s father and cultural personality Rafiur Rabbi said, no matter how hard the killers try, the truth is not suppressed. When the corpse begins to speak for itself, it becomes a horrible truth. Millions of people want justice for the murder of Tukki. Want justice for all brutal murders, not just skins.

“We want a safe society for our children. This Bangladesh cannot be a handful of murderers.

“I condemn the way the hands of the government are on the head of the killer. Even if there is a government, state apparatus on the side of the killer, the killers are not eternal. They are defeated through the rise of manpower.”

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