What is the cause of the explosion in Siddique Bazar – everyone asks

Panchashordh Alamgir Hossain also came from Banshal to find out what caused such a big explosion. He heard from the people of the area that this incident happened from AC or explosives.

He told, “People are saying that the AC gas leak is catching fire. He is afraid to even look at the AC of the house. So I’m coming to see. If only I knew why so many people died.”

Along with the men came Kohinoor Begum. This forty-something woman lives in the area behind the blast-damaged building in Siddique Bazar.

Standing at the intersection and looking at the building, he told, “I am hearing a lot of noise. Later, I heard that such a big incident happened near Hunlam’s house, it felt very bad. So I came to see a little. The country (Munshiganj) wants to know how many Thai people – that’s why I’m coming. It happened near the house, and if I don’t come, how does it look?”

Wednesday was a public holiday on the occasion of Shabbat. Because of this, all establishments were closed in Gulistan, Nawabpur, Bangshal areas where Dhaka’s biggest business activities are going on. However, many shop owners and employees also came to throng in front of Cafe Queen. They are seen standing on both sides of the road.

When asked why he came to Gulistan even though the shop was closed, Harun Sarkar, a businessman of Siddique Bazar, told, “Yesterday, everything was fine during the day, now it has become a graveyard. Those who did not were all businessmen. I could die too. Coming to the merchant. I know it’s the same as not coming, but the mind doesn’t mean it.”

Yakub Shikder came to show sympathy as a businessman like Harun. His PVC pipe shop is in Alu Bazar nearby.

Yakub told, “What happened? I still don’t know why. Such incidents should not happen again, and no mother’s child should die.

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