Rajinikanth is on the path of Amitabh at the age of seventy-two

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has followed the path followed by South Indian film superstar Rajinikanth.

He banned the commercial use of his name, voice or image without permission.

The name, image and voice of this ‘godlike’ star often comes to the attention of fans in South India through various mediums.

Bollywood Life reported that Rajinikanth recently issued a legal notice against any unauthorized use of his content. From now on, any use of his name, image or voice without permission will be considered a ‘crime’.

Rajinikanth’s name, image, video and voice are reserved for copyright, the notice issued by his lawyer S Elam said that no one but Rajinikanth can use his personality, name, voice, image, likeness and anything associated with him for commercial purposes. can’t Even imitating and satirizing him would be considered a crime.

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