National Poetry Festival begins

After being closed for two years due to the epidemic, the national poetry festival is alive again with poets from home and abroad walking with poetry bags.

Poet Asad Chowdhury inaugurated the 35th National Poetry Festival organized by the National Poetry Council at Dhaka University on Wednesday morning.

The two-day festival is organized around the golden jubilee of independence with the slogan ‘Bangla’s independence is my poem’. Poetry readings, devotional poems, seminars, recitations and music are the message of freedom.

The organizers said that more than three hundred poets of the country are participating in this year’s festival.

Besides, poet Arun Kamal from Delhi, poet Hemant Divte from Mumbai, poet Mridul Dasgupta from Kolkata, poet Bithi Chattopadhyay, poet Kajal Chakraborty, poet Surangama Bhattacharya and reciter Soumitra Mitra, poet Anubhav Tulsi from Assam, poet Ratul Dev Barman from Tripura, Poet Indu Tharu from Nepal, Poet Wali Ri from Austria, B. Majid Puian from Iran are participating.

In the opening ceremony, poet Asad Chowdhury said, “A country’s literature and culture advance that country.” So poets and writers should be evaluated.

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