The book fair is starting, the publishers are also worried about the increased price

The price of paper has gone up a lot, as a result the publishers have had to raise the price of the books as well. And after doing that now their concern is about selling.

The Amar Ekushey Book Fair starts on Wednesday, and it is in this fair that publishers make the biggest sales of the year. Waiting for the fair. This time, the waiting is accompanied by anxiety.

Shyamal Pal, vice president of Bangladesh Book Publishers and Sellers Association and owner of Puthinilay Publishing House, told, “This time the price of books is being kept a little higher. As a result, there is some apprehension about book sales.”

After the pandemic, the price of the Ukraine war has also fallen. As the import of paper and raw material (pulp) from abroad has decreased due to the dollar crisis, the publishers have to increase the price of books due to the severe shortage of paper in the market.

“The price of paper has tripled, our publishers have to survive,” said Shyamal Pal, after the price of books supported by educational institutions was increased by a maximum of 27 per cent last year.

As publishers look towards book fairs, readers are also at the center of interest at the twenty-one month long book fair. And there is a need to publish new books based on the fair.

Publishers are apprehensive about the sale of the book, but actor Ramendu Mazumdar, a member of the book fair management committee, does not think so.

He told, “Even if the price of the book increases a little, it does not seem to have much effect on the sales. Those who want to buy the book, will buy it right.”

However, he thinks that the government should ‘think’ about the price of paper. His comments, because the publishing industry involves conscious nation-building.

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