Home-to-country relations improve when students study abroad: Ambassador Haas

US Ambassador to Dhaka Peter Haas believes that students who go from one country to another to receive higher education play a role in further improving the relations between the countries.

At the opening ceremony of the American University Fair at a hotel in Dhaka on Tuesday, he said, “We are excited to have you to study in the United States University. The world’s best colleges and universities are in the United States – we don’t just believe it, we think – the United States is only good when students from abroad come to study there.

“We believe that people who come to the United States to study and go back home are better off. We also believe that the relationship between our great nations is enhanced when students from both sides study.”

Ambassador Haas inaugurated the ‘American University Fair’ organized with students who want to study in the United States and representatives of American universities.

The EducationUSA platform of the United States Embassy organized the fair in the afternoon at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dhaka in partnership with EdPrograms.

The US Embassy said in a press release that 3,500 visitors from different areas participated in the fair.

Referring to the fact that about 11,000 students went to study in American universities last year, Peter Haas said that Bangladesh is one of the fastest developing countries in terms of sending students to the United States.

“Bangladesh ranks 13th in the number of US students coming. Those of you who have studied economics or mathematics already know that Bangladesh is the eighth most populous country, but ranks thirteenth in terms of sending students to the United States. You would think we are less representative.”

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