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I have only suffered by selling peace,

Embraces strangers 

I lost a loved one.!!

Time has changed, you have changed.

The reason for laughter has changed, however 

The reason to cry is still “only you”

i am without you 

I didn’t want anything from life anymore 

Life has given me everything 

without you

Someone for a drop of love 

Someone else’s mind was longing 

Not even filled with sea..!!

If he is happy forgetting me 

But what is the complaint, and me 

Love if you don’t see him happy 

of what

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why you 

fell in love so much

This regret is lifelong 

will remain

Today I asked Chaya,

why are you walking with me

He also smiled and said,

Who else is with you?

The trouble is not that 

he left me 

The trouble is even after he left 

remain in me

i will forget you 

Be patient, like you 

It takes a while to be selfish.

No relationship is ever incomplete. 

Only the desire to fulfill it is on both sides 

should be

The relationship slowly ends,

It suddenly became known.

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He is me for someone 

It doesn’t matter if you forget, 

I am the whole world to him 

I forgot

His promise was also strange 

That we will be together for the rest of our lives 

I didn’t even ask love 

With or in memory.

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