Smoke in the head after drinking: the explanation given by the doctor

Rosi Ara Khatun, civil surgeon of Natore, feels that it is not ‘unusual’ to get a headache after drinking raw betel nuts during winter.

Ghulam Rabbani (45), a resident of Chowk Gazipur, Bagatipara, Natore, was seen smoking from his bald head after consuming raw betel nut and a little masala, the news and video of which has been published on various social media and media.

Dr. Rozi Ara Khatun told that they called Golam Rabbani and conducted an experiment. He has high blood pressure and cholesterol. It is not due to any physical problem. If a normal person also drinks with raw betel nuts, his head will rush, his body will sweat, his head will also smoke; But in this case it is not seen.

Dr. said that if someone yawns in winter, smoke comes out. Rozi said, “The smoke on his head only comes out in winter, it doesn’t come out at other times. Eating raw betel nuts may increase his metabolism a bit, due to which a little smoke may come out. It is a normal occurrence, nothing unusual.”

Stating that the issue of smoke is more or less individual, he said, “The image of smoke is visible on Golam Rabbani’s head, while others are not.”

On Monday night, a large crowd of people went to a betel shop in Bagatipara’s Jogipur Bazar. Ghulam Rabbani was sitting on the bench of the shop in a sweaty state wearing a cap and chewing a drink as the crowd pushed forward.

Talking to several people from Yogipara present in the market, Rabbani sweated profusely when he came to Yogipara market and ate betel nut; And the smoke comes out of the head.

Some say that the smoke was less because the winter was less that day. Because it was cold the day before, more smoke came out.

When asked about this, the betel shopkeeper and local residents showed some videos from their smart phones on Sunday (January 29), where it can be seen that smoke is coming out of Rabbani’s head after eating betel leaves with raw betel leaves in front of many people.

Paan shopkeeper of Yogipara market. Ashraful Islam said, “My cousin is about Rabbani. The house is in the village next to me. Six-seven years ago, after he first drank in my shop, I saw a lot of smoke coming out of his head.

“When asked about this from his business partners, they said, there is no reason to fear, this condition is caused by drinking on winter days. A ‘light smoke’ comes out when the winter is mild.”

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