A good Status for Facebook About Life 2023 Short Bio

My attitude is to keep quiet.

if you don’t like me 

OK. Not everyone’s taste is good.

Luck is not always bad,

Sometimes we make wrong decisions 

I take

There comes a time in life 

Even when everything is fine 

People forget to smile..!!

Your suffering is greater than yourself 

No one else understands.

Before thinking someone is “wrong”. 

Of course his “situation” 

Try to understand..!

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Sometimes we are close to someone 

Not as important as 

we think

Don’t be bothered by everyone’s words.

Some people are born to talk nonsense 

to say

There is no sorrow in being alone. 

The sad thing is that no one believes.

The faster you realize the reality 

Accept, the faster you are 

You will get peace of mind.

As dreams differ, 

Similarly, the way of living is also different.

Who slept peacefully last night 

He doesn’t even know about it 

How much a man has cried.

you are wrong i am right 

These things are related to many 


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for which 

I forgot the whole world 

Today he is for someone else 

forgot me 


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