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Before you judge me, 

Make sure you are perfect.

Good for some 

Bad, whose mind is like 

To him I am like that!

I may not be perfect 

But not cheap. 

I am responsible for what I say

Not for what you understand.

rather than following someone 

Better to walk alone!!

I never lose. 

Either I win or I learn.

If you leave for no reason 

Don’t come back with excuses.

My kindness is mine 

Not a sign of weakness.

A wounded lion’s breath

is louder than his roar 

more dangerous

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Lots of sunshine in my town 

Yes, so some people are mine 

Jealous of the sun.

I would have made friends by looking at the status

Then you are around me too

not to stay

Some people are like slippers.

They support but 

Throwing mud from behind.

Only time will change.

Today is yours, tomorrow will be mine.

Love, favor, hate, enmity 

do whatever you want with me

I swear 

Whatever you do, you will get double.


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