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Have the courage to stand alone.

The world gives knowledge, not companionship.

What will the world think of me? 

I  never think that.

Males are born successful 

to be, 

Not to fail .

whatever comes my way 

Accept it with a smile.

To explain myself 

No need because I know 

i am right

I am always up for success 


I can climb to the maximum height 

Because I have courage.

My success is my enemies 

my revenge

I am myself with others 

don’t compare i know i am 

Best in my own way.

You are the dimension of my thoughts 

I’m sorry if you don’t understand.

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be brave Take the risk. of experience 

There can be no alternative.

don’t wait 

The timing will never be right.

Weakness of vision is character 

becomes a weakness.

not to impress, 

Born to publish.


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