An open letter to the godfather of football

Dear hero, football’s groom, football wizard Messi, at the age when a lover loves a lover, many of us have loved you. All the emotions of the heart to destroy the love! We don’t have food in our stomach, we don’t have clothes to wear, we don’t have good dreams to see, yet we are in love with football. I love Argentina across the seven seas and thirteen rivers. supported Actually not exactly Argentina, I love you, and so I love your country Argentina! After loving you for a long time I thought, are we worthy of loving you? We have nothing but love!

The world poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote in the poem ‘Gupta Prem’, part of his Manasi poetry book, ‘But why do you give love if you don’t give form if you don’t give form! Yes, like this poem of Ravi Tagore, I sometimes felt, with what, how shall we worship you? Where is our ability and ability?

That ‘parampoojya’ you appeared as a big sigh of relief in the 2018 world cup. Millions of our fans were heartbroken. Your Argentina went out with a 4-3 loss to France. Suddenly lost in a dark womb, your passion, that sparkle, that magic!

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