The World Cup leaves both imprints and scars

Time is so fast! This is the Qatar World Cup on November 20. Then December 18 came in a flash. Argentina won the title after defeating France in a tiebreaker in a packed final at Lucille Stadium. Magician Lionel Messi gets an indescribable first taste of the World Cup.

The satisfaction of seeing the smile on Messi’s face is hard to express in words. So hard to paint the pain of not getting Kylian Mbappe. It is equally painful to see that Neymar did not shine, another superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was completely without light in the late afternoon of his career.

There are no many events, accidents, glimpses of memories in the course of more than a month in the arena of the World Cup. Watching those who have been playing on the TV screen for a long time, watching the superstars Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar practice morning and evening, watching them commit murder is a different experience. Even though there is a distance of touching hands due to various rules, the regret of not being able to say anything is not less. The sadness of not being able to talk to a former star will be irreparable.

After the final, the first thing I remembered were two media persons. A Lekip’s Ugo Giemme. Talked to him early in the season about France’s prospects. The young journalist said, “The French have no hope.” No Benzema, no Kante. There is no hope.”

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