The image of Messi receiving the ’emptiness’ insists

This time he became not only a magician, but also a leader. For 36 years in the highest arena of global football, he guided Argentina like a tough captain. On the tumultuous course, He held the helm with strong hands in the adverse current. Shadowed his teammates with wide wings, crossed every turn with incredible tenacity and delivered Argentina to the coveted port.

Despite progressing against Saudi Arabia, the 2-1 loss came as a big shock for Argentina. That loss seems to show the flip side of the coin to the Albiceleste who brought confidence in the togbog of 36 consecutive matches unbeaten. Tactician coach Lionel Scaloni took care of the rest. Messi also understood that scoring goals was not enough for him.

In the subsequent stages of the group and knockout stages, Messi simply led the way from the front with a flurry of goals himself, setting the tone of the attack and setting the stage for his teammates to celebrate with goals. He finished this season with 7 goals, 3 assists.

The match against the Netherlands saw another form of Messi’s leadership. He is modest, humble. He is often seen calming down teammates who lose their temper. Kalebadre himself lost his temper, but it was he who lost his temper in the quarter-final against the Dutch.

After the victory, Buno does not stop cheering, he does not even call Vehorst ‘stupid’! Right or wrong, a leader’s job is to keep the team going. He, too, Angel Di Maria, for Juan Requiemeder took the Fon Canal with one hand! When has Messi been seen like this before?

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