A mother’s cry in front of the mortuary on the night of the football festival

Raisa fell from the lap of rickshaw puller Rabeya after being hit by a bus in Mirpur No. 1 area on Sunday night. Then the wheel of the bus went over the child’s head.

Later, when he was taken to Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, the doctors said that the child had already died.

In front of the mortuary, Rabeya’s mother did not stop crying. He was crying and saying, “Show me my lover once.”

Police and relatives stopped him. There is no face left to see. He wants to see that too.

Police officer Nazmul Hossain tells him, “You will not be able to bear it.”

The mother of the crying child was saying, “I will hold the hand once, see the foot.” “Mare, you have left me.”

Darussalam police station sub-inspector Nazmul said that the child Raisa was going in a rickshaw with her mother. When a BRTC single-decker bus hit the rickshaw from behind in Mirpur area number one, the child fell on the road and was crushed by the wheels of the bus. Police detained the bus and its driver Al Amin.

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