What does Rumin Farhana’s prediction indicate?

“BNP will come to power in 2024.” BNP International Affairs Secretary and Member of Parliament Rumin Farhana has predicted this. Said, “We will come to power in 2024. Parliament should be dissolved. EVM does not accept. I don’t understand why Sheikh Hasina wants to vote in EVM when the whole world is voting by ballot.”

Criticism is going on around this statement of Rumin Farhana. Many people are saying that since when the Member of Parliament Rumin Farhana has been practicing astrology? How did he see the sure future? Addressing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina from BNP’s divisional meeting in Comilla, Rumin also said, “They have been looting the country for 14 years. I will take account of what you are doing.”

Rumin Farhana wants to take account of the work of the Prime Minister. Threatened. However, Rumin could not protect his mobile phone. The mobile was stolen from his bag during the rally. Rumin Farhana said, “I came to see the crowd at the town hall ground in Comilla on Friday night. Then the mobile phone I was using was stolen.” On that day, not only Rumin Farhana’s mobile phone was stolen but also that of many people. Several leaders and activists who came to the rally said that the phones of more than half a hundred leaders and activists were stolen.

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