Temporarily banned Cameroon’s Onana

Andre Onana, who ‘left’ the World Cup squad due to a disagreement with the coach, received a major punishment. Cameroon has temporarily banned this goalkeeper for breaking discipline.

Cameroon drew 3-3 against Serbia in the ‘G’ group match on Monday. Onana was shown as ‘absent’ in the player list for this match. Davis Epasi played in his place.

Onana was in the starting XI for Cameroon’s 1-0 loss to Switzerland in their first group match. According to media reports, 26-year-old Onana got into an argument with coach Rigobert Songe in practice after that match. After that it was decided to throw him out of the team.

When asked about Onana at the press conference after the Serbia match, Song said, “No one is bigger than the team and everything he has done is for the good of Cameroon.”

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