Fernandez’s double goal is Portugal in the last sixteen

Portugal managed only one shot in the allotted 90 minutes after many attempts. It found the address. Another goal was scored later. Bruno Fernandes scored twice as Fernando Santos’ team beat Uruguay to reach the knockout stage.

Portugal won the Group H match 2-0 at the Lucille Stadium on Monday night. They will be best in the group if they avoid defeat in the last match.

Portugal tops the group with 6 points from 2 matches. Ghana points 3 in second. Uruguay and South Korea have 1 point each; However, the Latin American team is at the bottom behind the goal difference.

Portugal increased the pressure from the beginning of the match in attacking football. They continued to attack again and again, keeping the monopoly on possession of the ball. In the first 30 minutes, however, the team could not create any convincing opportunities.

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